23 March 2021

Tokenization: the Future of Payment Security

Written By PayXpert

Tokenization: the Future of Payment Security

Can you imagine switching from card to token in one click, getting better security for your business?

When tokenization is applied, it enhances data security. It is a process in which a non-confidential equivalent, called a token, replaces an element of confidential information. It has no extrinsic or exportable meaning or value. Having landed in the era of big data, data storage, and management, we could expect no less, as tokenization has become an important security trend.

What is credit card tokenization?

Simply put, it is a system used to increase credit cards' security by converting data into encrypted tokens. Best of all, this is a one-click process. Confidential information is replaced by random numbers that pass through the networks needed to process the payment. This method has many advantages, such as avoiding duplicating a cardholder's data at the digital level.

This is how card tokenization works:

  1. First, the system receives confidential data. IBAN, first and last name, etc.
  2. The data is then centrally stored. Perhaps in a database.
  3. The tokenization system then creates a token associated with the stored information. This is a companion to the confidential token.
  4. Finally, the token is placed in the operational flow and replaces the sensitive data it represents in all operations.

That’s it! Security is in your hands, and more and more digital businesses are using this system to receive payments safely.

Read more about Payment Tokenization with PayXpert: HERE.

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