Mentoring Hub

Your key to gaining advice and making connections.

What is the Mentoring Hub?

The FinTech Alliance Mentoring Hub aims to connect leaders in the finance and technology fields with budding entrepreneurs and those hoping to move up the career ladder in FinTech.

Mentoring is essential because it allows those starting out in the industry or who are unsure of their next steps to connect with someone who has achieved their goals and can help them find the right path.

Having a mentor can help you discuss how to tackle problems and learn from their experience (and mistakes!). Often, people know what they want to achieve and the steps they need to take but just need someone to talk it through with.

Being a mentor is also a great step in career and personal development. We believe mentors can learn equally from their mentees, as well as developing leadership skills and really making a difference to someone’s life.

The Mentoring Hub speaks to FinTech Alliance’s overall aim of developing UK talent in the FinTech arena as well as connecting key people and companies.

How does the platform work?

  • Sign up on the website to be a mentor or mentee.
  • Mentors let us know what skills, qualifications and experience they have, and the sectors they work in.
  • Mentees let us know what they want to learn and achieve, and the sectors they want to develop in.
  • The platform matches mentors and mentees based on their skills and interests or you can search through all mentors and mentees.
  • You take it from there – you can arrange meetings or calls at times that suit you, through our live chat or offline.
  • There is no criteria to become a mentor or mentee: anyone who wants to support or be supported can join the platform.

What are the benefits?

Being a mentor:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • Learn about the challenges facing those in your sector
  • Give back to the industry in a way that suits you
  • Improve motivation

Having a mentor:

  • Gain knowledge and skills
  • Share problems and questions
  • Gain practical advice and develop plans for your career path
  • Build connections in the industry

Sir Charles Bowman

PWC Partner and Former Lord Mayor of London

"The power and value of mentoring is enormous - as others have said, '...a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction...' At a personal level, I've been lucky enough to have benefitted from mentors throughout my career and before. Beyond the motivation, guidance and role modelling, it has given me direction, network, confidence, helped atune my EQ and very much more."

Anne Bowden - Starling Bank

Anne Boden

Founder and CEO - Starling Bank

"I had never met a chairman of a big company until I participated in the FTSE 100 cross company mentoring scheme. It really opened my eyes. Not only did I have a lot to learn from the chairmen who mentored me, but I realised that I had a lot to give too - and that helped me set my sights higher."

David Duffy

CEO - Virgin Money

"Mentoring relationships are a great way to learn new things, build your network and share your ideas. I’ve had several mentors who have supported me throughout my career, and it’s been a privilege to see my mentees develop their skills, experience and confidence to reach their career potential."

Roisin Levine

Head of Banks at Flux

“Mentorship is a brilliant experience to help navigate any stage of your career. But crucially, mentorship is immensely beneficial to both parties. Gaining an experienced and knowledgeable point of view is always helpful to a mentee, and as a mentor you can achieve an entirely new perspective, finding inspiration in the new ideas and approaches of those you mentor”