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I would like to enroll in an accelerator programme and be taught how to establish a FinTech

A current fintech business development consultant, former strategy/management consultant, looking to...

A Technology professional moving in FinTech Entrepreneurship.

Head of Operations / Finance at an early stage fintech looking for mentorship and the opportunity to...

UK Fintech ecosystem - what do overseas startups need to know.

A Passionate Accounting and Finance student looking to break into the exciting space of Fintech.

Investment manager turned Fintech entrepreneur in search of mentor to develop growth leadership

Software and Data Engineer looking to understand more about FinTech

Founder of a data analytics startup seeking mentors who have experience in the B2B space.

A Maths with Finance student looking to gain insight to the industry.

A Product manager that would like to enrich my knowledge in FinTech

I'm looking for someone with Product Management Leadership experience who can be a sounding board an...

Mentorship for Client Acquisition in the Fintech WealthTech Market